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Find wonderful private accommodation & apartment rentals in Druskininkai - Lithuania for holidays, business visits or study breaks. Most of flats are located in the city center or heart of Druskininkai. If you wish to find perfect vacation in Druskininkai , you've come to the right place.

Druskininkai - beautifull spa town on the Nemunas River and most exciting resort , situated in the southeast of Lithuania, surrounded by pine forests, lakes and rivers.

It is famous for its effective treatment facilities, wonderful nature and rapidly developing tourism services infrastructure. Everyone who visits Druskininkai is attracted by its highly developed servicing, friendly local inhabitants and healthy environment.

Today Druskininkai is a modern international tourist resort. It attracts plenty of investment and young, hip and wealthy Lithuanians seeking a quick detox from city life. They are welcomed by more than 24 thousand of citizens of Druskininkai Municipality.

The city of Druskininka is the only city in the region which successfully offer a different winter and summer all year round. In Druskininkai there is one of Europe’s largest aquapark where summer never ends, whilst the other side of the river Nemunas an oasis of winter – the winter entertainment complex SNORAS Snow Arena is being created. Skiing, which the visitors will be able to enjoy even on hot summer day, is a new entertainment of the resort for the guests of Druskininkai who choose healthy and active rest.

The resort is rapidly renovating and restoring much of the charm that was lost during the Soviet time.

Apartments на сутки в Druskininkai

1 0,34501,48285,48286,48283,48284,48290,48289,34500,34502,34503,48288,48291,48301 Fabulous apartments for rent in Druskininkai
Apartment Druskininkai
1 0,51481,51477,51478,51476,51480,51475,51482,51479 Cozy two room flat for rent in druskininkai
Apartment Druskininkai
1 0,39707,39696,39705,39701,39700,39698,39695,39703,39704,39706,39697,39702,39699 Unique family apartment on the second floor
Apartment Druskininkai

Guest houses на сутки в Druskininkai

1 0,56733,56731,56732,56734,56735,56736,56730,60144,60145,60146,60147 Excellent three-room apartment in Druskininkai
Apartment Druskininkai
1 0,60924,60925,60926,60927,60928,60929,60930,60931,60932,60933,60934,60935,60936,60937,60938,60939,60940,60941 Studio family room in center of Druskininkai
Private room Druskininkai
1 0,60673,60672,60674,60675,60684,60685,60686,60762 Triple Room Studio room
Private room Druskininkai

Rooms на сутки в Druskininkai

1 0,60915,60914,60918,60917,60919,60757,60758,60759,60760,60761,60920,60921,60922,60923 Double studio room
Separate room Druskininkai

Flats на сутки в Druskininkai

1 0,53351,49653,49650,44880,46400,44881,46397,46398,58544,49651,58545,58546,58547,49652 Well-equipped apartment in druskininkai
Flat Druskininkai, Senamiestis
1 0,20941,26945,20942,20943,20944,26944 Sunny one bedroom apartment in druskininkai
Flat Druskininkai
1 0,61462,63162,63163,63061,63062,63161,61460,61459,63063,63064,63065,63066 Peaceful rest in Druskininkai
Flat Druskininkai

Cabins на сутки в Druskininkai

1 0,5927,5931,40251,40252,40254,40253,40255,5933,33139,33141,33140,33142,33143,5934,5935,5936,5937,33147,33148,33149,33150,33146 White cabin in the town center
Cabin Druskininkai

Homesteads на сутки в Druskininkai

1 0,52537,52546,52539,52543,47202,52544,52548,47194,47192,47197,47199,52545,52547,47201,52550,52549,52552,52551,55763,58361,47182,47178,47180,47189,47190,55764,52553,47187,52554,52555,52536 Villa '' vanago lizdas "
Whole homestead Druskininkai
1 0,55473,55475,30354,27446,27451,30349,30350,30357,30351,30353,55483,27450,30352,46441,30356,30358,55476,55480,55481,55482,55478,55479,55477 House with swimming pool & sauna
House Druskininkai

Houses на сутки в Druskininkai

1 0,51013,51019,51017,51018,51020,51021,51022,51023,51014,51015 Apartments in a family house for a pleasant holiday
Apartment Druskininkai, Ratnycia
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