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Vacation house rentals in Molėtai
We found 4 offers
Accommodation Special offer Experiences
1 0,120113,120111,120102,120105,120095,120096,120097,120099,120100,120101,120103,120104,120108,120109,120106,120110,120107,120098
Dive into the forest Inturkėj
Apartment Moletai
Apartment · 2 Rooms · 6 guests
Fireplace · Terrace · Separate entrance · Sauna
Details 100 per night
1 0,117194,117182,117183,117185,117186,117188,117189,117190,117192,117193,117191,117187,117652
A piece corner on the lake for two in the forest of Labanoras
Cabin Moletai
Cabin · 1 Rooms · 2 guests
Balcony · Terrace · Separate entrance · Sauna
Details 50 per night
1 0,107888,107890,107893,107891,107886,107889,107892,107887,107894
House and bathhouse on the lake in Moletai
Whole homestead Moletai
Whole homestead · 3 Rooms · 5 guests
Terrace · Separate entrance · Sauna · Shower
Details 50 per night
1 0,15591,15592,15593,15594,15595,15596
Recreation center "ruta" in moletai near the lake bebrusai
Separate room Moletai
Separate room · 10 Rooms · 18 guests
Fireplace · Balcony · Sauna · Shower
Details 20 per night
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1 - 4 from 4

Looking for a place to stay in Molėtai ?

Trumpam.lt offers a huge selection of a private accommodation and apartments rentals offers for short term rent in the best locations of Molėtai  at an affordable price. With Trumpam.lt you can rent a flat, private room, house, apartment with all amenities for just one night, day or week in any area of Molėtai  directly from the owner.

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