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Palanga - the most famous and popular southern resort in Lithuania, also known as the summer capital of the country , located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, and in the past this is the famous health resort of the Soviet Union , from which only memories and punctured passport.
Palanga is located on the Baltic Sea front 336 km from Vilnius and 24 km from the port of the capital - Klaipeda.

Palanga - is the main " competitor " of the Latvian Jurmala well known in Soviet times and today.

Palanga as a holiday cottage for those tired of the noisy bustle of city life, which treats not only recreation , but also nature itself :
saturated with iodine vapor air, sea and invigorating breath , soft sand of the sea , healthy air of pine forests and gentle sun could not be more suited to people who are not recommended abrupt change in climate .
Coming here alone or with your family, you will not be disappointed , it is important if you want to relax passively or actively , lie down there on the beach under the warm sun or treat health of the mineral hot springs , relax in Palanga, you will not only be useful , but most importantly - interesting.
Abundance of places for entertainment and recreation , the plural number of cafes and restaurants , attractions for children lovely hotels with pool and spa and European service - that's what the rest in Palanga

What people say about Palanga
Hot pasties , Svyturis , Amber Dunes, Smoked fish, Basanavka , full bath grandmother
in the attic , Houses near the sea, Energetikas

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Apartments на сутки в Palanga

1 0,113373,113372,113363,113365,113280,113379,113369,113362,113371,113364,113361,113368,113370,113366,113374,113375,113376,113367,113276,113275,113279,113377,113378,113380 One roomed apartments in private house near the sea
Apartment Palanga, Centras
1 0,102686,102707,102687,102717,102716,102708,102691,102698,102693,102703,102709,102696,102689,102690,102710,102694,102711,102695,102697,102700,102701,100910,102702 Toro apartment - center of Palanga
Apartment Palanga, Centras
1 0,111137,110531,110532,110533,110536,110544,110529,110534,110535,110537,110539,110538,110540,110542,110543,110546,110547,110548,110553,110554,110549,110550,110551,110552 Luna 29 apartment, center of Palanga
Apartment Palanga, Centras

Flats на сутки в Palanga

1 0,104093,104101,104091,104094,104100,111198,111199,111208,111197,111200,104095,111201,111202,111203,111204,111205,111206,111207 Ideal vacation rental in the center of Palanga
Flat Palanga, Centras
1 0,107976,107974,107983,107984,107981,107982,107977,107979,107980,107978,107975,107973 Spacious apartment near the sea, in a quiet location
Flat Palanga, Vanagupes

Cabins на сутки в Palanga

1 0,112672,96054,96056,96053,96055,96058,96057,96060,96059,96061,105579,105580 Mini wooden house in Palanga
Cabin Palanga
1 0,108552,106432,106431,108553,108556,108554,108555,109980,109981,109982,109983,106433,106434 Cozy home in 500 m from the sea
Cabin Palanga

Guest houses на сутки в Palanga

1 0,91305,91301,112634,91297,91295,91306,91308,91300,91302,91303,91299,91304,91307,91296,91310,91311,91312,91313,91316,91319,91320,91321,91322,91324 Two bedroom apartment in the center of Palanga
Apartment Palanga
1 0,38715,38722,38744,38746,38719,38723,38740,38741,38716,51096,51097,51098,57194,57195,57196,57197,57199,57201,57202,70700,70701,70702 Friendly apartments in guest house pajurio vila
Apartment Palanga

Cottages на сутки в Palanga

1 0,111978,111959,111976,111977,111975,111967,111983,111981,111982,111980,111960,111961,111962,111963,111964,111965 Rooms or apartments in the center of Palanga
Room Palanga, Centras
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