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Palanga - the most famous and popular southern resort in Lithuania, also known as the summer capital of the country , located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, and in the past this is the famous health resort of the Soviet Union , from which only memories and punctured passport.
Palanga is located on the Baltic Sea front 336 km from Vilnius and 24 km from the port of the capital - Klaipeda.

Palanga - is the main " competitor " of the Latvian Jurmala well known in Soviet times and today.

Palanga as a holiday cottage for those tired of the noisy bustle of city life, which treats not only recreation , but also nature itself :
saturated with iodine vapor air, sea and invigorating breath , soft sand of the sea , healthy air of pine forests and gentle sun could not be more suited to people who are not recommended abrupt change in climate .
Coming here alone or with your family, you will not be disappointed , it is important if you want to relax passively or actively , lie down there on the beach under the warm sun or treat health of the mineral hot springs , relax in Palanga, you will not only be useful , but most importantly - interesting.
Abundance of places for entertainment and recreation , the plural number of cafes and restaurants , attractions for children lovely hotels with pool and spa and European service - that's what the rest in Palanga

What people say about Palanga
Hot pasties , Svyturis , Amber Dunes, Smoked fish, Basanavka , full bath grandmother
in the attic , Houses near the sea, Energetikas

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Apartments на сутки в Palanga

1 0,10655,10661,10654,10650,10651,10652,10653,10663,10657,10656,10662,10649,10659,10658 Modern, luxurious and stylish apartment in palanga
Apartment Palanga
1 0,10646,10638,10640,10642,10636,10645,10633,10634,10639,10644,10647,10648,10635,10637,10632,10643,10641 Inga apartment" in vanagupe street in palanga
Apartment Palanga
1 0,94147,94148,94149,94177,94150,94151,94152,94153,94154,94155,94156,94157,94158,94159,94161,94162,94163,94164,94165,94166,94167,94168,94169,94170,94176,94171,94172,94173,94174,94175,94178,94179,90761 Frėjos apartment in center of Palanga
Apartment Palanga

Flats на сутки в Palanga

1 0,104093,104091,104095,104094,104096,104098,104101,104103,104102,104099,104097,104100 Ideal vacation rental in the center of Palanga
Flat Palanga, Centras
1 0,108689,88389,88386,88388,88387,88385,88392,88390 Two bedroom flat
Flat Palanga, Palanga
1 0,108316,108317,108318,108319,108320,108321 Studio apartment in center of Palanga
Flat Palanga, Centras

Guest houses на сутки в Palanga

1 0,38715,38722,38744,38746,38719,38723,38740,38741,38716,51096,51097,51098,57194,57195,57196,57197,57199,57201,57202,70700,70701,70702 Friendly apartments in guest house pajurio vila
Apartment Palanga
1 0,82430,46294,46299,57205,44469,46300,46290,46291,46292,46293,46296,46297,46298,46302,46303,57204,57211,57212,44471,57214,57208,44472,57216,91035,91036,91037 Justinos vila. center
Apartment Palanga
1 0,91305,91301,91297,91295,91306,91308,91300,91302,91303,91298,91299,91304,91307,91296,91310,91311,91312,91313,91316,91319,91320,91321,91322,91324,91325,91330,91332 Two bedroom apartment in the center of Palanga
Apartment Palanga

Cabins на сутки в Palanga

1 0,96054,96056,96053,96055,96058,96057,96060,96059,96061,105579,105580 Mini wooden house in Palanga
Cabin Palanga
1 0,106638,106640,106651,106631,106632,106633,106634,106635,106636,106639,106647,106652,106653,106655,106654,106656,106658,106793,106794,106796,106982,106981,106642,106661 Holiday family house near the sea
Cabin Palanga

Rooms на сутки в Palanga

1 0,69797,69800,107898,107899,69801,83161,69802,106777,106780,83159,107905,107904,107903,107902,107901,107900,83167,69810,69811,105575,105577,83163,69819 Double rooms in Palanga
Separate room Palanga
1 0,107247,107248,107249,107250,107251,107252,107253,107254,107255 Hostel type rooms in Palanga
Room Palanga, Centras

Houses на сутки в Palanga

1 0,108552,106430,106438,106432,106436,106431,106425,106428,106435,106437,106433,108553,108556,108554,108555,106434 Cozy home in 500 m from the sea
Whole House Palanga, Centras
1 0,107895,69787,69790,95760,69789,69791,106963,95761,106964,95762,71608,107896,107897 Nice apartment for rent in Palanga
Apartment Palanga
1 0,104530,104238,104595,104239,104516,104515,104511,104527,104528,104531,104526,104521,104596,104520,104518,104513,104519,104522,104532,104517,104525,104592,104593,104594 Villa Tila in the center of Palanga with private yard and fireplace
Whole House Palanga

Cottages на сутки в Palanga

1 0,55492,55488,55493,55487,68973,68974,68975,68976,68977,68978,68979,68980,68981 Apartments for rent in the city center
Apartments Palanga
1 0,96659,95613,95614,105888,105889,105890,105891,95626,105885,105892,105893,105894,105919,105920,105921,105922,95632,105923,105925,95634,96664 Rooms in Palanga "House at the Sea"
Room Palanga, Centras
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