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  • Trumpam.lt operates Ltd. BitNet, company code 302829892, registered address Raseiniai g. 10, Vilnius (the Trumpam.lt )
  • These Trumpam.lt use of the website rules (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) set out the ads and store data and review, as well as Web site users' rights, duties and responsibilities as well as other provisions.
  • With Trumpam.lt portal users to store and view the objects in ads (below - Notice) in accordance with these Rules. Web site the user is a person, place or to view the classified ad website (hereinafter - User).
  • The rules are binding on the consumer. The user expresses its consent to the Terms and commitment to comply with Trumpam.lt surfing the portal. Those who disagree with at least one of the rules, provided no right to act as consumers.
  • Trumpam.lt reserves the right at any time in its sole discretion modify, edit or add to the Rules. If a change, correction or addition of User Terms will continue to use web-based site will mean acceptance of the User changes, corrections and additions.
  • Trumpam.lt also reserves the right to amend or terminate the services they supply, for whatever reason, not warning user.



  1.  The user must place an ad just for him in the Trumpam.lt category (eg, notice apartment rentals can be placed as house rent). One notice is authorized to publish only about 1 (one) object leases.
  2. Users are prohibited from posting the false information. By the data available to users represent and warrant that the submitted information is true and accurate.
  3. The notice shall not be offered subject where they have no right to dispose of.
  4. Notice of its contents, visual composition can not contradict the generally recognized ethical or moral standards and existing legislation in the Republic of Lithuania does not incite discrimination or discord in any basis.
  5. Do not use illegal or inappropriate Trumpam.lt purposes, including but not limited to, any content presentation, publication, distribution or storage of website, that: - infringe any intellectual property rights (copyright, trade marks, designs and so on.) - are offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, any person or otherwise violate any person's right to the image, name, privacy (phone numbers, addresses, personal identification number, etc.), or the honor and dignity - to threaten or Trumpam.lt safety database ( programs or documents with a virus, etc.) - violate any law.
  6. The notice forbidden photographs and / or video material, which will be published phone numbers, personal data of the document, advertisement or other information is directly linked to the current object
  7. Posting photographs and videos notice, the User confirms that he has every right to use photographs, and this use does not violate any rights of third parties.
  8. Posting your offer, the User accepts full responsibility for the content of compliance with the terms and conditions at Posting an ad, users must comply with the web site and the ads are placed in these instructions and rules.
  9. Trumpam.lt have the right to reject ads or without notice to remove them from the Web site database, as well as to delete the notice and the Regulations in the Republic of Lithuania laws do not comply with photographs.



  • Users can completely free of charge, regardless of the number of ads, display ads Trumpam.lt Portal
  • Users have free access to the portal Trumpam.lt services: Ad review and use the information contained in them legal and personal purposes (printing, publishing or transmission of information in it to achieve the desired recipient e-mail. Mail);
  • Each user gets their own unique page on our portal absolutely free



  1. The user has the right to place ads based portal Trumpam.lt the date the existing portal for and prices.
  2. Paid services Trumpam.lt portal to portal pay Trumpam.lt houses. The addition of a user account in your houses and do not use them, money is not returned.
  3. Add user to the payment of the opening price Trumpam.lt Job portal to be launched in the appropriate level and time period, according to the date of opening of the conditions which are described in the Fees section.
  4. The user has the right to extend the opening Trumpam.lt Ad portal will pay in the time specified in the rules Advert opening price, in more detail in section rates.
  5. The user has the right to subscribe to a paid ad advertising that appears in the ads on the search results. Advertising cost of the Fees section of the rules.
  6. The user has the right to subscribe to a paid ad advertising that appears on the title page. Advertising Rates column of the price.
  7. Trumpam.lt portal database user can place ads only on his own or a notarial authority-owned real estate leases. Forbidden other content ads!


  1.  The supplier, without prior notice shall have the right to delete ads from Trumpam.lt portal database, if they do not meet the requirements set out in the Regulations.
  2. The supplier reserves the right to terminate User's access to or use of the portal Trumpam.lt . Trumpam.lt portal services for the offense or for any other reason without notice. User understands and agrees that termination of User's access to or use of the portal Trumpam.lt relevant service provider may at their discretion to decide how to remove any information relating to the User.



  1.  Vendor only provide the technical means of information (ads) to store Trumpam.lt portal and no representative or agent of individuals, the interested party or agent.
  2. Contractor shall be liable only for the information in the advertisement, technical Trumpam.lt portal back into the database and the database technical support, if the notice complies with all regulations.
  3. The supplier is not responsible for the information contained in non-compliance notice to reality and its content.
  4. The supplier shall not be liable for damage caused by users or third parties to publish content and / or placed Trumpam.lt Portal. Such ads must be marked on users clicking the exclamation point (!) Ad at the top of the portal Trumpam.lt moderators will remove offensive ad.
  5. The supplier shall not be liable for any losses that may arise in connection with the information notices and / or photographic use.
  6. The supplier does not guarantee that ads will be deleted from the portal database Trumpam.lt it set a specific date. It is considered that the use of portal Trumpam.lt executed flawlessly when Trumpam.lt site or the full database is available in 90% of the time during the year.
  7. The supplier shall not be liable for Trumpam.lt portal or database failure or loss on users or third parties caused by technical reasons and / or difficulties, or other events, the Contractor is unable to control or influence and for which the user can not access Trumpam.lt portal (web communication breakdown, computer equipment, telecommunications equipment or other equipment failure, etc.).



  •  The supplier has the right to Trumpam.lt portal content and portal Trumpam.lt database owner has the exclusive right to their use. All trademarks or service marks, designs, names, logos and so on., Trumpam.lt the portal are the property of Supplier or Supplier has the right to use them.
  • Any third party of Trumpam.lt portal content, design and Trumpam.lt portal database changes to the information processing, copying and / or other use without the written authorization of the supplier and / or in accordance with the rules of copyright and other offenses punishable under the Lithuanian laws of the Republic. This limitation does not apply in respect of consumers in their ads. User agrees that the supplier has the right to use photographs of ads advertising his company's objectives, without disclosing personal user information.
  • User agrees that the ads and other content published by User, including any intellectual property portal Trumpam.lt become part of the database, the supplier or his authorized individuals are protected and used in the manner prescribed by law for an indefinite period of time, unless otherwise specified in these Regulations. Neither the Contractor nor any third party using the Advertising and / or other User published content, the user will not be obligated to pay royalties or other compensation for the use of such content.



Trumpam.lt portal activities are carried out solely in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Any disputes arising Trumpam.lt portal for business or associated with it will be resolved by negotiation, but failed to agree, the Republic of Lithuania before the competent court.


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