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Welcome to Vilnius, Baltupiai

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Secluded and quiet area for a relaxing holiday
Quiet neighborhood, with good transport links and parks nearby, ideal for a relaxing and active holiday. Not far from Ozas shopping center, Siemens Arena, Vichy water park, Verkiai regional park.

Apartments на сутки в Vilnius, Baltupiai

1 0,94483,94485,94481,94480,94476,94477,94478,94479,94482,94484,94492,94486,94487,94488,94489,94490,94491 Bright and warm studio apartment
Apartment Vilnius, Baltupiai
1 0,115361,115360,115359,108809,45653,97910,97912,45651,45648,45649,50979,51010,46716,45655,97918,97919,102771,102773,108811,108814 Richly decorated apartment in ozo parkas
Apartment Vilnius, Baltupiai
1 0,81382,84314,81381,81384,81383,68070,81385,81388,81389,85380,85381,85382,85383,85384,85385,85386,85387,85388,69056,69057,69058,69059 Ozo park - perfect apartment to stay in Vilnius
Apartment Vilnius, Baltupiai

Flats на сутки в Vilnius, Baltupiai

1 0,28428,115363,28427,28431,28432,28433,97730,28434,28429,115362,28436,28437,97727,97728,97729 Spacious apartment in ozo park
Flat Vilnius, Baltupiai
1 0,109395,109392,109389,109397,109396,109393,109394,109399,109390,109391,109398,109400,109401,109402,109403,109404,109405,109406,109407,109611,109612,109613,109614,109615 Ozo park studio apartment Nr.8
Flat Vilnius, Baltupiai
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