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16 accommodation options in Vilnius, Pilaite - Choose the best

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Calm, safe neighborhood. At a short distance - a few lakes, forest, shop and restaurants
Private accommodation & apartment rentals in Pilaite- Vilnius for holidays, business visits or study breaks. If you wish to find perfect vacation in Pilaite , you've come to the right place.

Apartments на сутки в Vilnius, Pilaite

1 0,78410,120651,98439,98428,98431,120661,120664,98429,120658,120652,120663,120653,120654,120655,120656,122231,98434
Private SPA for Your relaxation with massage bath tub
Apartment Vilnius, Pilaite
1 0,119129,119118,119114,119127,119115,119120,119128,119116,119122,119130,119121,119131,119117,119123,120328,119124,119126,119125,119113,119132,119112,119111
Modern apartment with jacuzzi
Apartment Vilnius, Pilaite
1 0,103604,103609,103603,103606,109121,103607,103608,103617,103610,104173,103611,103614,103615,103616,103618,109122,103620,104174,104175,104176,106797,106798
Cosy flat with terrace & parking
Apartment Vilnius, Pilaite

Flats на сутки в Vilnius, Pilaite

1 0,121059,121057,121061,121060,121063,121053,121055,121068,121069,121070,121071,121072,121064,121074
Comfortable and cozy apartment in a new building
Flat Vilnius, Pilaite
1 0,117900,117933,117901,117910,117932,117908,117934,117902,117935,117906,117930,117928,117931,117904,117929,120568 One-room apartament with balcony and parking
Flat Vilnius, Pilaite

Houses на сутки в Vilnius, Pilaite

1 0,115085,115086,115087,115088,115089,115092,115095,115101,115098,115099,115103,115094,115096,115100,115102,115090,115091,115105 Arturas Guest House
Whole House Vilnius, Pilaite

Cottages на сутки в Vilnius, Pilaite

1 0,114188,114189,114190,114191,114192,114193,114194,114195,114196,114197,114198,114199,114200,114201,114202,114203,114204,114205,114206,114207,114208,114209,114210,114211 1 House Between two lakes
Apartments Vilnius, Pilaite
1 0,114214,114212,114215,114216,114217,114219,114221,114222,114223,114224,114226,114228,114229,114230,114231,114232,114233,114234,114235 2 House Between two lakes
Apartments Vilnius, Pilaite
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