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Roman style sauna

The service is for 18 pers.
Duration: 5 hours
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Sauna-empire is a luxurious Roman-style steam bath located on Vilnius Avenue. Лайсвес. 88.
Our sauna is based on the motifs of ancient Roman culture, where luxury is harmoniously combined with history.

Sauna order - 500€
5 hours already counted
After 5 hours, an additional hour costs 50 euros.
At midnight, an additional hour costs 100 euros.

Rent a luxury Roman-style sauna in Vilnius and let us meet your expectations. We offer an exclusive sauna rental that is difficult to find anywhere else.

Inspiration of luxury and Roman style
The design and interior of our sauna create the feeling that you have stepped into the space of the ancient Roman Empire.

High-quality services
Our team always strives to ensure your comfort and well-being.

Benefits and service
A marble pool with hydromassage and a banquet hall are just some of the amenities that will make your visit a part of your stay.

Privacy and tranquility
The VIP room and hydromassage bath with jacuzzi will ensure your privacy.

The host

Location Laisvės prospektas, Vilnius, Lietuva

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Roman style sauna

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