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Excursions, sightseeing tours
Leisure trips by the yacht “Dzaladuta”
Excursions, sightseeing tours Nida
The luxury historic Swedish yacht, more than fifty years old, perfectly suits for your celebrations.

You may also spend the night on board.

The yacht is fully renovated.
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Food and drinks
Café in Šventoji, only 50 m to the beach - "Café o lé"
Food and drinks Sventoji
The guest house "Ošupio kopa" has an exclusive café, where we offer a large selection of hot and refreshing beverages and hot, locally baked cakes, snacks and grill meals.

The cafe has
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Homestead for Weddings or Business Events
Other offers end deals Trakai
We invite you for vacation or celebration in a newly equipped countryside homestead, which is located in Trakai district in Padumblės village (just 9 kilometers to the center of Trakai).

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Active Entertainment
Hot air balloon flight
Active Entertainment Kaunas
Balloon flight - informative and romantic!
Leave your earthly concerns for at least an hour and look at the beauty of Lithuania from a bird's eye view.
Ballooning will help you to relax
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