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Ramūnas & Rita

Hi, my name is Ramūnas & Rita. I am the owner of this properties, and I provide short term accommodation rental service in Kaunas. To contact me, choose the most convenient way for you from the options listed below.

Languages English, Lietuvių, Русский

My Listings (6)

1 0,104244,83728,83527,83533,83735,83528,83535,83526,83529,83530,83531,83532,83534,83729,83730,83731,83732,83733,83734,83736,83737,83739,83740,83741
Piano apartment with view to courtyard
Apartment Kaunas, Centras
1 0,104245,54554,54552,54547,54562,54555,54477,54561,54548,54551,54489,54481,54550,54486,54558,54559,54474,54485,54487 Napoleon hill apartment with amazing terrace
Apartment Kaunas, Šančiai
1 0,62158,62156,62159,62160,62157,91728,91729,91730,91731 Luxury apartment in the center of Kaunas
Apartment Kaunas, Centras
1 0,60311,60318,60312,60313,60314,60315,60316,60317,60319,60320,60321,60322,60323,60324,60325,60326,60327,60328,56849,56844,60329,60330,60331,60332 A new studio with perfect river view
Apartment Kaunas, Centras
1 0,104247,58906,58903,58917,58912,58913,58904,58926,58927,58925,58924,58922,58923,47005,46995,47003,57426,46983,46982,46994,47006,46996,46999,46978 Modern apartments in the center of kaunas
Apartment Kaunas, Centras
1 0,104243,103213,103223,103225,103214,103210,103212,103226,103215,103216,103218,103219,103220,103221,103222,103224,103211,103227,103228,103229,103230,103231,103232,103233 Cosy and chic flat with terrace and beautiful river views
Apartment Kaunas, Centras
Ramūnas & Rita
I speak English, Lietuvių, Русский
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