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Find wonderful private accommodation & apartment rentals in Juodkrante - Lithuania for holidays, business visits or study breaks. Most of flats are located in the city center or heart of Juodkrante. If you wish to find perfect vacation in, you've come to the right place.

Apartments на сутки в Juodkrante

1 0,84002,84004,84007,84008,84018,84005,84003,84006,84015,84009,84011,84020,84012,84019,84021,84001,84013,84014,84016,84017 Bright 2-room apartment (ComfortStay 15)
Apartment Juodkrante
1 0,83994,83997,83998,83996,83992,83999,84026,83995,84023,84000,83990,83991,83993,84022,84025 Stylish 2-Room Apartment (ComfortStay 11)
Apartment Juodkrante
1 0,83980,83970,83971,83486,83973,83485,83969,83972,83974,83975,83976,83984,83988,83977,83978,83979,83981,83983,83987,83989,83982,83985 3-Room Apartment with Large Terrace (ComfortStay 10)
Apartment Juodkrante

Flats на сутки в Juodkrante

1 0,67908,116938,67906,67907,67909,116936,116937,67916,67915,67917 Flat for rent in Juodkrante
Flat Juodkrante
1 0,117166,117167,117168,117169,117170 Budget studio flat in Juodkrante
Flat Juodkrante
1 0,70387,80144,80142,80140,70392,70389,80141 Large apartment with mini garden
Flat Juodkrante

Cabins на сутки в Juodkrante

1 0,111945,111947,111949,111946,111948,111950,111951,111952,111953,111954,111955,111956,111957,111958 Two-storey holiday house "Vasarnamis"
Cabin Juodkrante
1 0,82093,82092,82094,82095,82096,82097,82098 Holiday Bungalow near the sea
Cabin Juodkrante
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