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Find wonderful private accommodation & apartment rentals in Kaunas - Lithuania for holidays, business visits or study breaks. Most of flats are located in the city center or heart of Kaunas. If you wish to find perfect vacation in Kaunas, you've come to the right place.

Kaunas - formerly the capital of Lithuania, beautiful city on the banks of the Nemunas River. The city welcomes the visitor with statues of freedom fighters, poets, and grand dukes.
Kaunas has a small Old Town, a menagerie of artistic and educational museums, and a rich history all its own. The city's heroic past is present in the remnants of a castle. Many universities make Kaunas a city that is pulsing with the youthful energy

Now, clearly looking to the future, it has a vibrant, welcoming vision ready to share its once hidden charms and designed to meet every visitor’s needs.

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Centras13 listings
City Center is an elderate in the city of Kaunas, based on two neighbourhoods: the Old City and the New City
Dainava4 listings
One of the most densely populated districts in the north-eastern part of Kaunas
Zaliakalnis4 listings
Most popular and prestigious area of Kaunas, where is comfortable to live, work and relax
Eiguliai3 listings
Eiguliai - urban district, located in the northern part of Kaunas
Šilainiai1 listings
Silainiai - one of the newest districts of Kaunas, located to the north of Vilijampole

Apartments на сутки в Kaunas

1 0,91970,116780,116781,57957,57951,91735,57949,91973,57950,57960,91974,57968,91976,117574,117575,117576,117577,117578,117579,117580,117581,117582,117583,117584 Sunny comfortable apartment in a cottage
Apartment Kaunas, Vilijampolė
1 0,117288,117282,117281,117286,117287 Cozy apartment near the station
Apartment Kaunas, Centras
1 0,79812,79806,79810,79803,79813,79811,79809,79816,79805,79804,79808,79814 Modern studio apartment in center of Kaunas
Apartment Kaunas, Centras

Flats на сутки в Kaunas

1 0,117352,117353,117360,117359,117346,117351,117355,117357,117347,117349,117350,117354,117356 Studio apartment with balcony
Flat Kaunas, Dainava
1 0,112635,112638,112636,112640,112637,112639,112641,112642,112643,112644,112645,112646,112647 Cozy 2-room apartment in Eiguliai
Flat Kaunas, Eiguliai
1 0,115185,115184,115188,115187,115190,115189,115186,115192,115193,116400,116401,116402,116403 Cozy 1-room apartment near the Nemunas
Flat Kaunas, Šančiai

Guest houses на сутки в Kaunas

1 0,107567,107565,107563,102360,102358,102357,102359,102351,102350,102353,102354,102355,102356,102346,102347,107571,107564,107562,107566,107568,107569,107570 Agnes - family guest house in Zaliakalnis
Apartment Kaunas, Zaliakalnis

Houses на сутки в Kaunas

1 0,116747,116752,116749,116754,116755,116750,116756,116753,116748,116794,116795 Economy class apartments in a private house
Apartment Kaunas, Vilijampolė

Rooms на сутки в Kaunas

1 0,113056,113057,113058,113059,113060,113061,113062,113063,113064,113065,113066,113067,113068 Room for rent in a private house
Separate room Kaunas, Vilijampolė
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