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Heartland of the city and one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Northern Europe
The Vilnius Old Town ( Senamiestis ) is surrounded by great landscape combination in harmony with historical past and present achievements, science and culture.

Private accommodation & apartment rentals in Old town - Vilnius for holidays, business visits or study breaks. If you wish to find perfect vacation in Senamiestis , you've come to the right place.

Apartments на сутки в Vilnius, Old Town

1 0,112303,112305,112307,112314,112306,112304,102903,112308,112309,112310,102910,112316,57660,57661,57662,57663
Modern Old Town apartments in the heart of Vilnius
Apartment Vilnius, Old Town
1 0,103293,103294,103287,103290,103298,103296,103297
Holiday rentals in the Vilnius Old town
Apartment Vilnius, Old Town
1 0,110006,78230,110007,78199,78229,78198,78228,78214,78202,110008,78231,78233
Excellent apartment on Gedimino ave
Apartment Vilnius, Old Town

Flats на сутки в Vilnius, Old Town

1 0,94727,94723,94722,94721,94700,94713,94703,94697,94715,94701,94716,77846
Cozy apartment in the center of Vilnius
Flat Vilnius, Old Town
1 0,52083,52078,52082,52079,52077,49774,48867,91184,91181,91183,48868,48860 Wonderful studio with a separate entrance
Flat Vilnius, Old Town
1 0,110616,110617,110618,110619,110620,110622,110621,110623,110624,110625,110626,110627,110628,110629,110630,110631,110632,110634,110635,110633,110636,110639,110637,110638 Stylish duplex apartment in Old town
Flat Vilnius, Old Town

Rooms на сутки в Vilnius, Old Town

1 0,115440,115439,115433,115434,115444,115435,115436,115437,115438,115441,115442,115443,115445,115446,115447,115448,115449,115450,115451,115452 Moon Garden hotel
Separate room Vilnius, Old Town
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