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Zarasai - a beautiful town located in North East of Lithuania,, just in 3 km from the Latvias border. Despite the fact that in comparison with other Lithuanian cities it is quite small as it includes just 8000 inhabitants, it is a center of Zarasai district and also it is an active participant of various national as well as international cultural and educational projects. There`s nothing to be surprised about as Zarasai is a very spectacular settlement which has recently achieved a resort status where many active, friendly and inventive people live.

Rock festival " Galapagai "
The annual international rock festival “Rock Nights” has deep rock culture traditions and is also the biggest rock music festival in Lithuania.
The first time “Rock Nights” was held in 2003, near Plateliai lake. Bands from Latvia, Poland and Lithuania performed then.
But the festival became more and more popular every year. Growing number of participants and bands from all over the world showed that rock is not dead, that Lithuanians and the audience from the Baltic region love it! Five years later “Rock Nights” had to move to a bigger place because it had expanded a lot. So the 6th “Rock Nights” invited rock lovers to a more spacious and a really amazing Zarasas Lake island in Zarasai.

Apartments на сутки в Zarasai

1 0,105429,105439,105443,106167,105440,105432,105428,105966,105423,105424,105427,105433,105436,105437,105431,105441,105442,106168,105445,105446,105444,105448,105447 Historic apartment in Lithuania countryside
Apartment Zarasai

Cabins на сутки в Zarasai

1 0,86996,86997,87000,87001,87002,87003,87004,87006,87007,87008,87009,87010,87011,87012,87013,87014,87015,87016,87018,87021,87031,87032,87033 Romantic house on the lake
Cabin Zarasai

Homesteads на сутки в Zarasai

1 0,116963,124231,67617,67616,67619,67622,67618,67620,67621,67623,67615,124232,124233,124234,124235,124236,124240,124237,124238,124239 Manor house near Zarasai
Room Zarasai
1 0,96511,96512,97626,96513,97629,97623,96516,96517,97620,97624,97625,97631,97627,97619,96514,96515,97632,97622,97628,97621,97618,97633,97634 Ceslovo homestead in Zarasai
Room Zarasai
1 0,87038,89535,87036,87034,5079,75011,5075,36592,5100,5071,5089,5080,5066,75010,5098,5091,5093,36589,36590,5095,5086,5072,5090,36596,87035,87037,87039,87040,87041,87042,87043,87044 Romantic and unique holiday in the homestead "čičiriai"
House Zarasai
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