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¨Trakaitis¨ Guest House is located in the scenic and peaceful city of Trakai right next to Babrukas lake, one of the several picturesque lakes that surround Trakai. This is an attractive place to spend a relaxing time surrounded by nature while at the same time enjoying all the conveniences of modern life.

We offer our guests the choice of:
3 standard double rooms;
3 standard spacious double rooms;
Two-bedrooom cottage;
Spacious Family room with a fireplace and a sauna.

Each room features:
* a private bathroom;
* king size bed;
* TV, Wi-Fi;
* mini-bar;
* comfortable furniture.

The guest house is surrounded by a well maintained landscape, with a number of different garden areas complete with beautiful trees and flowers that subtly reveal our view of nature and man’s relationship with it. This is why we have developed and implemented a unique program called “Green Heart”.

There is complimentary access to high-speed Wi-Fi Internet throughout the guest house. Secure parking is also available.

WE ARE PROUD of the excellent value for money that ¨Trakatis¨ provides and offer the most competitive prices in Trakai. You can conveniently book your upcoming stay by contacting us now.

We look forward to welcoming you!
Languages English, Lietuvių, Polski, Русский

My Listings (12)

1 0,108250,73150,73146,73148,108251,108252 Small apartment in Trakai
Apartment Trakai
1 0,108249,73137,73136,73138,73135,108248,108247 Spacious apartment on the second-floor
Apartment Trakai
1 0,129955,129956,129957,129958,129959,129960,129961,129962 Studio with a view of the fountain - Trakaitis
Apartment Trakai
1 0,54381,104762,104763,104764,104761,104760,57010,108245,57005,42315 Apartment with a separate entrance
Apartment Trakai
1 0,108256,104778,104776,104777,104780,104781,104779,108254,108255,108253 Private ground-floor apartment with private entrance
Apartment Trakai
1 0,108265,108263,108257,108264,108259,108261,108260,108262,108258,108266,108267 Spacious studio apartment with kitchen
Apartment Trakai
1 0,108234,73128,73124,73134,73126,73125,73130,73131,73132,73127,108236,108237,73139,108235 Excellent apartment with separate entrance
Apartment Trakai
1 0,108244,104765,104768,104766,104770,104769,104771,104772,104773,104775,108239,108238,108240,99386,108243,108241,108242 Two roomed apartment in Trakai
Apartment Trakai
1 0,36740,56962,36738,36741,56965,36739,56964,56963,23675,23677 Family room withsauna and fireplace
Apartment Trakai
1 0,111534,111536,111535,111537,111538,111539,111540,111541,111544,111543,111542,111545,111546,111547,111548 Private cottage house in Trakai
Whole House Trakai
1 0,111520,111516,111518,111521,111517,111519,111524,111522,111523,111525,111526,111527,111528,111529,111530,111531,111532,111533 Two-story house with private terrace
Whole House Trakai
1 0,111496,111499,111502,111504,111498,111500,111501,111503,111497,111505,111507,111508,111506,111509,111510,111511,111512,111513,111514,111515 Family Karaite-style in Trakai
Whole House Trakai
I speak English, Lietuvių, Polski, Русский
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