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The Guest House is located in a very peaceful and lovely place, in the zone by sand-dunes. It is surrounded by pinewoods and meadows. Just 50 metres to the beach!

You can walk to the downtown of Sventoji in 10 min. In the town there are many entertainment and catering places: bars and cafes. 30 m to the nearest supermarket. 8 km to Palanga, 3km – airport. There is a bicycle path right in front of the guest house.

Apartaments are very convenient: TV (local), Wireless internet (Wi-Fi), bathrooms, kitchen (individual or common). In the common kitchen there are cupboards with dishes, tools and a fridge.
Languages Deutsch, English, Français, Lietuvių, Polski, Русский

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1 0,91846,91847,91848,91849,91853,91850,91851,91852,91854,91855,91856,91857,91858,91859,91860,91861,91862,91863,91864 Family apartment with terrace
Apartment Sventoji
1 0,91814,91815,91816,91817,91818,91819,91820,91821,91822,91823,91824,91825,91826,91827,91828,91829,91830 Apartment for two in a quiet, beautiful location
Apartment Sventoji
1 0,91800,91802,91801,91805,91806,80524,80526,80525,91807,91808,91804,91803,91809,91810,91812,91813 Summer holiday homes near sea front
Cabin Sventoji
1 0,91778,91779,91780,91781,91784,91782,91785,91786,91788,91783,91787,91790,91789,91795,91792,91794,91796,91797,91799,91798,91793 Apartment for up to 6 persons with terrace kitchen
Apartment Sventoji
1 0,91765,91769,91767,91773,91766,91768,80608,80612,80601,80610,80611,91770,91771,91774,91772,91775,91776,91777 Duplex apartment with a kitchen and a terrace
Apartment Sventoji
1 0,92072,92066,92067,92068,92069,92071,92073,92074,92075,92076,92077,92070 Café in Šventoji, only 50 m to the beach - "Café o lé"
Food and drinks Sventoji
I speak Deutsch, English, Français, Lietuvių, Polski, Русский
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