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BAZZE Accommodation in Klaipeda

31, Šilutės plentas, Klaipėda, Lietuvos Respublika

Separate room
Max guests
1 / 15 m2
Minimum term of stay
12 per night
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Minimum nights: 1
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Free parking
Self check-in


Free parking
Self check-in


Short-term / long-term rental of housing, rooms for workers and not only in modernly equipped premises.
For the convenience of guests, there is a shared kitchen with household appliances, utensils, self-service laundry and a place for ironing clothes. Free wi-fi. Free spacious parking.

Room types:
Deluxe rooms, double and triple rooms with private bathroom.
Triple, quadruple, five-bed, six-bed, seven-bed rooms with shared bathroom.
Contactless placement - at a convenient time for you!

House rules

Check in from / to
13:00 - 23:30
Not permitted
Check out until
Organize parties
Not permitted
Not permitted
Silent hours
22:00 - 07:00


Upon the arrival of the client, the administration may ask the guest to present an identification document. Arrival time is from 1:00 p.m., departure time is until 12:00 p.m. If you are not staying for the time set or agreed upon by BAZZE, the administration does not refund the part of the fee for the missed time. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the rooms. The fine is 50 euros.
A cancellation fee applies in case of cancellation or no-show
It is forbidden to accommodate more persons than indicated to the administrator. Customers with animals are not accepted. Guests must compensate for the material losses caused by the fault of the guests themselves or guests invited by them. In case of loss or damage of the room key: a fine of 5 euros will be applied.
The use of electrical devices is prohibited, except when those devices are taken from the administration or when the administration is warned in advance about the use of such devices. (It is allowed to use various chargers:pc,tel)


Price for 3 h.
Week discount
15 %
One night
Month discount
25 %
Weekend price

Multi calendar

The availability calendar of this announcement has long been without updates and may no longer be up-to-date.

The host


Hi, my name is Indre. I am the owner of this apartment, and I provide short term accommodation rental service in Klaipeda. To contact me, choose the most convenient way for you from the options listed below.

Languages: English, Lietuvių, Русский

Location 31, Šilutės plentas, Klaipėda, Lietuvos Respublika

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BAZZE Accommodation in Klaipeda

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