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Leisure trips by the yacht “Dzaladuta”

The service is for 10 pers.
Duration: 1 hours
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The luxury historic Swedish yacht, more than fifty years old, perfectly suits for your celebrations.

You may also spend the night on board.

The yacht is fully renovated. It has maintained its original structure and form of the underwater part. The wheelhouse with the cabin is suitable for the rest. The hull is made of glass. The deck is covered by wood protection coating and the interior design is made from mahogany.

The captain is waiting for you on the yacht at Nida landing stage, where you may go to the Curonian Lagoon.

The authentic interior design is made from mahogany and covered by wood protection coating.

Sleeping space for 4 people
On board there may go 10 people

The route depends on you or our experienced captain helps you by choosing the best one.

The host


I speak: English, Lietuvių, Polski, Русский

Location Nidos Uostas

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Leisure trips by the yacht “Dzaladuta”

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